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business plan

Accounting Solutions Ltd. offers the following business plan services:

Consulting & Advising


Text Editing

Writing a Business Plan

Consulting & Advising

Frontline Accounting Solutions Ltd. consultants & advisers improve the efficiency and effectiveness of clients’ operations with a balanced approach, focused on increasing revenues and cutting costs. We help clients align business activities to priorities and strike a balance between short-term and long-term goals. Using external benchmarks and deploying best practices, we accelerate clients’ growth and increase effectiveness. Our systemic changes lead to sustainable results.  

Frontline Accounting Solutions Ltd. consultants and advisers provide the following services: 

Tax Services- Frontline Accounting Solutions Ltd. consultants develop strategic solutions to clients’ tax issues arising among other things from acquisitions, sales and restructurings and advice on all matters of compliance.  This helps clients realize the maximum tax advantages from their transactions. 

Business Assets Optimization- Frontline Accounting Solutions Ltd. advisors perform a comprehensive review of clients’ asset portfolios, including customers, products and physical assets.  Our work helps clients preserve and improve profitability through the rationalization and simplification of processes and capabilities.  

Revenue Management- Frontline Accounting Solutions Ltd. consultants help clients balance the quantity and quality of revenues while cultivating the right customer base and generating profitable growth.  

Business Activities Optimization- Frontline Accounting Solutions Ltd. consultants work with clients to analyze the order-to-cash process, focusing on work value analysis, process flows, organization structure and cost reviews.  This allows us to:  

  • Help clients understand how each cost center contributes to business value 

  • Analyze value creation to determine the optimal resource allocation 

  • Develop implementation plans that create more efficient operations 

Operations Improvement- Our company advisors & consultants help clients reduce costs through plant consolidation, elimination of redundant processes, equipment strategies, and improvements to systems, technology and yield management. These reductions and efficiencies are achieved by establishing performance measures and accountability.

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Editing and proofreading services for business publications English /French

In the world of business, customers and clients are your most important assets. You want to communicate your message to them as clearly as possible.

When deadlines are looming, you may not have the luxury to give your writing the attention it needs. Whether you are preparing a report, a paper, a newsletter, or a series of communication material, Frontline accounting solutions editors and translators can give you the assistance you need to complete your print or web publishing project on time.

At Frontline Accounting Solutions, we value the importance of high-quality, effective publications that rely on good writing. We know that good writing delivers your message and reflects well on your business. If you make a mistake or miss an error, it can surely be embarrassing but we`re here to help you with that.

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Text Editing

Our editors can give your professional image the attention it needs. While you focus on the big picture, let us take care of the finer details.

Our services can help you:

  • revamp professional biographies
  • fine-tunemyour website
  • revise policy manuals
  • organize and edit annual reports
  • edit and proofread newsletters


Quick, efficient, and at your service

Frontline Accounting Solutions editors value your time. We know you need quick turnarounds and we will do our utmost to accommodate short-notice projects. We would be pleased to work with you on any of your business publications.

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Writing a Business Plan

A successful business plan strives to describe both your physical business and your company financials. Your plan should cover these five main topics:


1) Business Description- Describe the past, present and future of your business: 

Business Overview 

Personal Goals 

Business Vision 

Business Objectives 

Product Overview 

2) The Marketplace - Put your business between your competitors and your customers: 

Industry Factors and Trends 



3) Sales & Marketing – Juggle your marketing mix and impact sales. 

4) Business Operations- Look to your team and suppliers when change happens: 

The Team 

Suppliers & Alliances 

Planned Changes 

Contingency Plans 

5) Financials - Crunch the numbers of your personal and business finances. 

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